A SMARTER Way to Heat a Pool

SAN DIEGO – April 15, 2024 – The NEW Jandy JXiQ™ Gas Pool and Spa Heater offers pool professionals newfound intelligence when it comes to heater installation, servicing, and operation.

The Jandy JXiQ™ Pool Heater combines all the features that have made the original JXi lineup the most popular pool heaters on the market, including the compact size, accessible service components, rodent deterrent design and iconic VersaFlo™ Integrated Bypass technology that enables users to bypass the heat exchanger when there is no call for heat.

Now, to make installation and servicing even easier, the JXiQ builds on the success of its predecessor with additional built-in sensors that provide unparalleled self-diagnostic capabilities to ensure proper installation and operation while taking the guesswork out of troubleshooting.

These new sensors detect:

Sufficient Gas Pressure

The JXiQ automatically establishes if there’s sufficient gas pressure to safely ignite. Running the heater when there’s insufficient gas pressure can cause the heat exchanger to soot up and fail prematurely; the inclusion of a Low Gas Pressure Switch is an added failsafe that prevents excessive condensation to prolong the life of the heater.

Correct Power Input

Auto-sensing dual-voltage operation gives the JXiQ the ability to operate at either 115V or 230V which prevents miswiring at installation because it automatically adapts to the supplied voltage—providing installation flexibility while ensuring proper input without flipping cards or changing wires. This dual voltage capability also aids with commissioning by ensuring the correct voltage is applied, including proper polarity, making it ideal for both new builds and aftermarket replacements.

Optimized Flow

The JXiQ measures how much the temperature rises between the inlet and outlet, allowing pool professionals to dial in the correct speed of a variable-speed pump during installation. By optimizing water flow through the heater appropriately, heat exchanger failures due to scale buildup or condensation can be avoided.

Information gathered by the sensors is processed in real-time and a complete diagnostic readout is conveniently displayed on the unit’s new digital display—now 50% larger than before, making it the largest in the industry.

“With the JXiQ, you can rest assured that it’s installed right the first time, and every time,” said Terry Doyle, product manager of heating. “Plus, with its full diagnostic capabilities that speed up the troubleshooting process, you’ll never be left scratching your head on a service call— it’s like having on-the-spot tech support with you when you’re in the field.”

The ideal addition to pools with a salt system, which are more prone to corrosion, the Jandy JXiQ comes installed with a sacrificial anode to draw corrosive elements in the water away from susceptible parts and equipment—prolonging the life of the pool heater while preserving metallic finishes on handrails and lights.

And, although the new features of the JXiQ tend to favor pool professionals, there’s a perk that pool owners will enjoy as well… The JXiQ actually calculates how much time it will take to heat water to a desired temperature and displays the estimate on the digital screen.

Engineered for compatibility with Jandy’s Versa Plumb® system, the JXiQ works in unison with a complete line of energy-efficient equipment options and strategically designed plumbing connections to reduce operational costs and increases hydraulic efficiency, all while using the smallest footprint available.


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