SAN DIEGO – June 21, 2018Zodiac Pool Systems LLC (Zodiac), a leading manufacturer of innovative automatic pool cleaners and pool equipment, is delivering more lighting options to pool professionals with the release of the all new Jandy Pro Series White LED Lights—available in two color temperatures. Now pool pros can choose between Daylight, to enliven a pool or spa at night with the bright illumination of natural daylight, or Warm White for a soft, inviting post-sunset glow.

Highly energy-efficient, these lights provide the optimal upgrade from incandescent lights—producing light equivalent to 500W, 300W and 100W incandescent bulbs while using only 65W, 42W and 18W of power, respectively. Available in 120V and 12V versions, these lights are ETL listed (approved) for installation in Jandy as well as in most leading competitors’ niches.

With a color temperature of 5,000K, the Daylight option provides refreshing illumination of the pool, much like daytime sunlight, and will appear brighter than Warm White lights, and to some, slightly bluish. Alternatively, the Warm White lights, with a color temperature of 2,700K, provide a comfortable and soothing light similar to incandescent lights. These lights match the color of landscape lights, where a warmer light is preferred for illuminating greenery, or providing a soft glow for architectural uplighting. Both color temperatures maintain the integrity of the LED lights as a pool safety feature.

“Pool professionals need superior lighting options to allow them to perfectly showcase new and remodeled pools that continue to be more creative and artistic,” said David Goldman, vice president of product marketing at Zodiac Pool Systems. “Our Warm White color temperature option is really unique in the swimming pool world even though it has been a staple of landscape and architectural lighting for some time. Now, we’re allowing our customers to choose the white light that’s just right for whatever design aesthetic they’re creating for pool owners.”

Engineered for durability and easy installation, Jandy Pro Series White LED Lights use time-tested stainless steel housings and are designed for ease of operation and can be turned on or off with a simple light switch or conveniently controlled from a smart device via AquaLink® automation and the iAquaLink™ app.

For more information on the Jandy pro Series White LED Lights, pool professionals can contact their Jandy representative to order, visit www.jandy.com or call (800) 822-7933.

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Zodiac Pool Systems LLC is a global manufacturer of residential pool equipment and connected pool solutions. The company has a rich heritage of innovation excellence dating back more than 100 years, and markets its product lines under the leading brand names of Zodiac®, Polaris®, Jandy® Pro Series, Nature2®, Caretaker™, SAVI®, Grand Effects® and Cover-Pools®. To learn more about Zodiac, please visit www.zodiac.com or call 800-822-7933.


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