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Rebate Processing

Online rebate processing is now available!

Just complete the product registration form and your rebate will automatically be submitted for processing!

Submit Rebate

If you prefer to submit a paper rebate form, please submit your rebate documentation to the following address:

Fluidra, Rebates
2882 Whiptail Loop # 100
Carlsbad, CA 92010

It should take between 6 – 8 weeks for card issuance after a rebate has been submitted. Click here to check the status of a previously submitted rebate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are submitting your rebate online, you will need the following:

  1. A copy of your receipt or invoice that shows where and when you purchased the product.
  2. The serial number for your new product which can be found on the warranty card.
  3. A picture of the UPC code from the product box.
  4. You can submit your rebate online using our product registration form. If your product is eligible for a rebate it will automatically be submitted for processing.

If you are mailing in your rebate, include the following in one envelope:

  1. The rebate form filled out completely.
  2. A copy of your receipt or invoice that shows where and when you purchased the product.
  3. A copy of the product registration/warranty card for your new product.
  4. The cut out UPC code from the cleaner box.
  5. Submit your rebate documentation at the following address:
    Zodiac Pool Systems, Rebates
    2882 Whiptail Loop # 100
    Carlsbad, CA 92010, USA

A. The serial number for your new product will be located on the main body of the product or in the lower right-hand corner of your warranty registration card and looks like the following example. It contains both the Model number and the Serial Number. The serial number is located on the bottom portion (5-11 digit alpha/numeric). Submissions lacking the full serial number information will be rejected.
Example Serial Number

A. No. All rebates must be mailed separately to the specific address listed on the rebate form. Please note there is a limit of one (1) rebate per household, name, or address.

A. Your purchase must take place during the promotion dates. Your submission must be postmarked within 30 days of purchase to receive your Visa® Rewards Card.

A. A print out of the product registration/warranty card must be included with your rebate submission. You can obtain one either by registering your product online or by printing a generic product registration/warranty card that will need to be completed by you and submitted with your rebate information. To print a generic warranty card first download the product registration/warranty card and then select Print. Submissions without a completed warranty card will be rejected.

A. Submissions mailed after 30 days of purchase will be rejected. Our promotions are special because they are carefully planned for specific timeframes and are not available all the time. Watch for future offers on our products, check the dates and submit promptly.

A. Each promotion form shows a complete list of products that qualify for each promotion or visit our website at to view the current rebate offers.

A. No. Each of our promotion forms lists all products that qualify. We design promotions for specific products and do not allow product substitutions regardless of information you receive from other sources.

A. Purchases must take place in Canada and the address to which you request we mail a rebate must be in Canada.

A. Yes, Visa® Rewards cards expire 90 days after the card issuance date, and is printed on the Visa® Rewards card. Expired Visa® Rewards cards will not be reissued.